Product Features

    Plunger made of thermo-set

    Silver touch Contacts for long life

    Bounce free snap action mechanism

    Firm contact for minimum arcing as contact carrier and fixed contacts are riveted.

Convex Switches

The perfect integration of classic design with an elegant collar design and modern technology, Convex Switches are built to provide superior protection.

1 2 3 convex

Surface Protection

1 High impact resistant virgin thermoplastic material for excellent gloss and surface finish

             convex              convex         

Crafted to help facilitate your mastery in the Kitchen

    • Available in 6A, 16A, 25A
    • Way / 2 Way Application
    • Push Button and Conventional

Engineered to aid your Research Operations.

    • Heavy metal contacts for Equipment Protection
    • 25A switch for heavy loads
    • Silver touch contact for long life

Built with features that fulfill your Office requirements

    • Elliptical spring loaded contacts
    • Polycarbonate housing