Safeguarding you and your assets

In the rapidly evolving lifestyle, life comes packaged with hi-end gadgets and appliances, where the only constant element is power, and its use at every corner of our homes. Safety therefore becomes more critical as our family and their protection is of utmost importance. Wipro North-West ensures complete peace of mind when it comes to protecting your family and your assets. It offers you safety, reliability and elegance — all in one board — Avancee - Distribution boards.

Product Features



Check out the multiple spaces that this product can be used at.



No of Way 4,6,8,12 & 16 , SD & DD 4,6,8,12 , SD & DD
Type of Installation Surface & flush Surface & flush
Door Reversible ( In Double door only) Reversible (In Double door only)
Removable Gland plates Top & bottom Top & bottom
Bus bar Rating &Type 100 Amps , Insulated 100 Amps , Insulated
Incoming capacity (Amp) Max 63A Max 63A
Outgoing capacity(Amp) SP MCB, Up to 63A SP MCB, Up to 63A
Voltage Rating (V) 240V, Single Phase 240V/415 V, Three Phase
Incoming option DP/SP FP
Neutral Bar terminal capacity CROSSECTION AREA – 80 MM2 CROSSECTION AREA – 80 Mm2
Earth Bar terminal capacity CROSSECTION AREA – 54 MM2 CROSSECTION AREA – 54 Mm2
IP Protection IP30 - Single Door, IP43 - Double door IP30 - Single Door, IP43 - Double door
Rated Insulated voltage 500 V AC 500 V AC
Frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz
CRCA Sheet- Reference Standard IS513D IS513D
Wire set rating- Reference Standard IS 694 IS 694
Distribution Board - Reference Standard IS 8623 IS8623/IEC 61439-3 standards